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We are dedicated to the future of technology. Jobrielle Media (jMedia) is a muilti-media company developed in 2001. Originally named Jobrielle Entertainment (JE), its primary function was as a music production company and independent record label. Throughout the course of JE's existence, every aspect of the project being worked on became a job better performed "in-house". JE then began creating its own promotional materials as opposed to seeking outside contractors. Some of these promotional materials include but are not limited to graphic art work on all artists and company photos, posters, websites, cd covers as well as newspaper and magazine articles. JE also became its own web developer, designing its artists websites and handling online promotions. JE, having a founder who believes in the handling of as much business "in-house" as possible, made an addition to its knowledge of the arts and entertainment. This type of thinking pushed the company forward to video production and video editing as well. With all of these additions, the founder decided that the company needed its name to reflect its ability to the fullest. Jobrielle Media would now replace the name Jobrielle Entertainment. We have now expanded our business to Software Coding, User Interface Development as well as our new ventures in Robotics and Drone creation.


New ideas, better solutions and more effective processes.

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Are original ideas possible anymore? Seek and yee shall find the answer.

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Who We Are?

We love to design. Being innovative and coming up with new ideas is our goal. But that's not all, we are dedicated to becoming leaders in the Tech industry utilizing smart programming and creative thinking to complete our tasks.

Manufacturing and the development of physical products has become a new endeavor for us. We will soon have our first class of customizable Drones for sale in the jMedia Store. Check back soon to get one of our first models.

Webdesign 95%
Logo 80%
PHP 90%
Html/Css 100%

Interact with our A.I. Modules Soon

A.I. White

August 2016

A.I. Murphy

September 2016

A.I. Matty

October 2016

A.I. Professor

November 2016


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