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Adrenaline Rush
Today I'm reviewing a new Android game called Adrenaline Rush. It is a race car-get to the next level type of game. Set to an old school look and feel, those of you who enjoyed playing the 8 bit graphics games back in the day will love this game. It has a functionality that I compare to the classic frogger game of the old Nintendo days.

The point of the game is to pass vehicles without striking them. As the game progresses, the speeds get faster and faster making it harder to complete each level. It appears that if you have a steady grasp on timing, this game could be infinite. Of course, I've only made it to lower levels so I will keep trying to see how far I can go.

The game was developed by the folks over at The Android Galaxy ( Download it and take it out for a test spin. All puns intended, lol. Here's the link:

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Today was a busy day

Between last night and today I have opened Jobrielle Media to the public. I am aware that it could take some time to get the word out but I am in it for the long haul. I have a donation campaign at where anyone who would like to support this site and my company can make donations so that we can get the word out. One last note: I only promoted on facebook, twitter and LinkedIn today, but tomorrow I will hit up twenty other social media websites with my promotions...G

ps..Go check out this months issue of  the Tattoo Eternal Magazine where I gave an exclusive interview about Jobrielle Media - @

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Welcome to jVision

Hello, and welcome to jVision, one of the many pages of the jMedia network. By entering jVision, you have arrived at my personal blog page where all posts are made by me (officially). Everyday I will discuss my steps to success; Past, Present and Future.

I welcome feedback from anyone who wants to add to the discussion.

We are now and will continue to be the Biggest Independent Online Network on the Internet!

We are always open to preview and discuss new ideas. So bring them on...

G. Haynes

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